Terms and Conditions


The objective of e-MEDICAL CONSULTATION is to be able to bring specialized medicine to all patients without limitations of displacements or incompatibility of schedules. You can send a medical consultation simply and safely through the e-MEDICAL CONSULTATION application. We will email you our response with a diagnostic impression and treatment recommendations.

The operation of our specialized online medical consultation is quick and very simple through our e-MEDICAL CONSULTATION website.

e-MEDICAL CONSULTATION selects its collaborating medical specialists based on their training and clinical experience. e-MEDICAL CONSULTATION is responsible for verifying the legal veracity of the degree of Physician and Specialist Physician of each of its professionals and ensures the clinical experience detailed in the curriculum vitae of each of them.

Payment of the consultation can be made with a VISA, MasterCard, American Express bank card or through the PAYPAL secure payment platform. It is possible to pay from countries with a currency other than the EURO, since the currency is automatically converted according to the change in effect at that time.

In case the specialist needs more medical information or any clarification, we will contact the user through the email or mobile phone provided during the consultation registration process.

If the specialist considers that your question cannot be adequately answered through a non-face-to-face consultation such as this, e-MEDICAL CONSULTATION will fully refund the amount paid for the consultation.

Online medical consultation is a time-bound technique that has proven effective in many health problems. In many specialties an important part of the consultations can be resolved without a visit in person to the doctor. In cases where it is necessary to see the patient directly to perform a complete physical examination and obtain more comprehensive information about his or her medical history, we will recommend you to go to a face-to-face visit with the specialist.

e-MEDICAL CONSULTATION is not a medical emergency service. In case of medical urgency you should go to a Medical Emergency Department.